100/100 Finally!

31st May 2017

If you read my last post, you’ll know I have updated the site recently. I did it for a change but also I noticed that my very good score from Google Page Speed had dropped over time to around 80 despite me not touching the site in anyway shape or form for a few months so I was interested in seeing why and how I needed to improve it.

I want to start off by saying I don’t live my life believing everything Google tell me. I actually think this kind of Speed Test is useful but should be used with a number of other tests to determine how good a site is. I’ve seen many companies and clients treat it as gospel whereas I actually think it’s a flawed metric on it’s own. It’s easy to run the test and say what needs fixing. Fixing it in itself is not necessarily easy to do OR possible. Many get hung up on the score (not me, honest). It’s a guide.


Now I think from memory the highest I’d had was 97 but I was thwarted by Google Analytics and Typekit in the past so I knew I would be around that ball park again but I was driven to find the way around the issues I had problems with last time. And to be honest, I faced new problems rather than old problems.


I always had the issue with Browser leverage caching with the analytics JS but I found a good blog post which basically said download the JS file and serve as if one of your own. Job done! Simple

Now Typekit

Nice looking fonts are important so I really wasn’t prepared to budge on this. I still had a good score but Typekit gave me a nice surprise. They had finally addressed the fact that their script caused caching issues and now gave you the option to optimise the setup and cache the fonts for longer. It’s a simple tickbox under kit settings.

Huzzah! I’d surely have 100/100 now


This is where my previous post comes into play.

Prioritise visible content

You can read about the issue here. Essentially, my site looked fine, I could see loads of the content above the magical and mythical fold yet Google said no, you need to prioritise active content. Anyway to cut a long story short, the typekit JS snippet was causing it so I switched it.

100/100 had arrived

And went

And was back

In short, Google seemed to change it’s mind at times what score I should have ranging from 80 to 100. It seems to have settled on 100 but I expect something is happening host side. However, I’m not that concerned. I’ve reached the top.