Not your average television crime fighter

Fletcher lives in Cabot Cove, a small town of 3,560 inhabitants situated in Maine. Fletcher’s husband, Frank died a couple of years before the start of the series.

Jessica and Frank never had children but did have a large family which roughly consisted of 5 siblings (3 brothers, 2 sisters, 9 nieces, 3 nephews, 6 cousins and 8 other relatives). Often, their family members were involved somehow in a murder which Jessica later goes on to solve exonerating the relative. Jessica travels the world with her writing and wherever she goes, murder is not far from her. Fletcher has written forty two best selling novels with one being made into a film which featured in on e of the episodes.

Jessica Fletcher is a widowed, retired English teacher who is now a successful murder mystery novelist with global fame although the fame does not go to her head.

Living in a small coastal town of Cabot Cove situated near Maine, US with her circle of friends, Jessica gets embroiled in solving murders where she usually, along with the help of a police officer interviews key people and pieces together the clues of the grisly killing often coming up with a leftfield culprit rather than the obvious candidate.

Despite her reputation as an amateur slueth, the police rarely want Fletcher involved but over time, she convinces them to let her help with her accurate deductions.

Show History

Murder She Wrote ran from 1984 to 1996 spanning a whopping 12 seasons and 264 episodes. The show ended in 1996 but a promise was made to make 4 feature length movies between 1997 and 2003. Murder She Wrote originally aired on US television network CBS and averaged more than 30 millions viewers a week when in it's prime.

It was shown on a Sunday night. Since gracing the TV in USA, it has also been shown across the world reaching 51 countries such as the United Kingdon, Germany, Australia and many more. If I recall correctly, it was originally shown on a Saturday around 5pm. Angela Lansbury was nominated for 10 Golden Globes and won 4 times. She was nomintaed for 12 Emmy Awards and still holds the record for the most nominations and wins for Best Actress.

The show received 3 nominations for Outstanding Drama at the Emmys and was nominated 6 times at the Golden Globes winning twice.