I listen to a lot of music. I think of myself as pretty well rounded in terms of what I like and used to think I knew most of what was out there. But I don’t. I really don’t. Growing up in the eighties and nineties, I was really only into electronic music and in particular one artist, Jean Michel Jarre. No he’s not the one who wrote Popcorn.

As I have got older, I have learnt to try out new things listening to the old classics that I dismissed as a kid and even the new stuff my kids listen to today. I don’t really have regrets in life but I think deep down I do have one about not listening more when growing up. There was so much good stuff out there and bands that I thought I liked offered so much more than I realised.

During lockdown and working from home, I have been able to rediscover not only my youth but the youth I could have had listening to music that I knew existed, I just didn’t really participate in. It makes it a lot easier having the world’s music a click away with the various services on offer. I think I would be lost without Spotify.

I have been trying to get my kids interested in music of late. My lad likes the tunes you get in computer games and the daughter seems to be the same. Seems to be a good way of getting your music out there in Fortnite or FIFA.

That wasn’t an option for me sadly. Games for me growing up were on the Spectrum and nobody wanted to listen to that. Sitting them down to listen to what I like has been interesting. Eighties is a definite no no, Foo Fighters are boring apparently but Metallic are cool according to the daughter.

Over time, I am sure they will look at music differently and start to explore it more. The exercise did give me time to reflect on the music that influenced me so much growing up so I started to put together a list of artists that for me shape who I am. There are of course lots more artists out there that I listened to but it might be more the odd song rather than the artist that mattered. The following I would say had the biggest influence overall.