A lot happens on the internet in a week. I see a lot of cool things and some interesting things. And sometimes things that make me blush…

I thought I would share the cool and interesting things as part of a weekly roundup. So sit back, turn off Slack, whack on some pan pipes and get a load of these.

1. Everyone loves a masonry grid and it might be even easier to do one as the powers that be look to include it into the CSS grid layout. https://drafts.csswg.org/css-grid-3/

2. Good article from Stephanie Walter around CSS and animations and how we can enhance the user experience. https://stephaniewalter.design/blog/enhancing-user-experience-with-css-animations/

3. Next up a cool looking website https://illo.tv/

4. Might be handy https://twitter.com/sulco/status/1320700982943223808 autocomplete=”one-time-code”

5. Cracking 4 articles around online checkout – comes in 4 parts https://uxplanet.org/why-is-online-checkout-so-difficult-and-how-to-simplify-it-eeb3da2ea530 & https://uxplanet.org/the-18-must-do-principles-in-the-form-design-fe89d0127c92 & https://uxplanet.org/streamlining-the-checkout-experience-b4b00840884a & https://uxplanet.org/streamlining-the-checkout-experience-4-4-6793dad81360

6. And to end it all off, I have a game for you, made completely from CSS https://codepen.io/jcoulterdesign/pen/WNxjVbW. Don’t try if you are on IE6, just don’t.