I'm Dan.
I make websites for people.

I've been doing this a good while now. I'm an opinionated person who likes to write about the industry. It's all about the conversations.

years of living on this lovely planet
times I've seen Star Wars (probably)
times I've opened Adobe Bridge by mistake

I recently wrote…

Changing the logo on Magento invoices

10th February 2016

This is my first proper blog post on Magento. And to be fair, it’s not really a big thing but it might be something that helps someone starting out with Magento as it was something that took me a time to figure out. I was tasked with adding a logo to the invoice template that […]

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A bit about me…

I come from North Wales, build websites in Cheshire and love having a good old rant about the web.

I started out a few years ago now and over time have worked on some brilliant projects with some brilliant and well known names and brands.

Skilled in HTML, CSS, Sass, jQuery, Graphic Design and WordPress

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The name dropping part

I’ve worked on some great projects, for great companies both as a full time employee or freelancer

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