I'm never far from a side project

Work in progress

What I'm working on at the moment. Some of it might be a little rough around the edges.

Print to CSS 52

Design & Build

Converting Print designs to CSS. A design for every week of the year.

printtocss52 printtocss52

Print to CSS

Design & Build

Converting Print posters to CSS. This time around, it's everyones favourite typeface, Helvetica!

Helvetica Helvetica

Print to CSS

Design & Build

Have been looking at print magazine for inspiration and seeing what results can be achieved converting a print layout to digital with CSS.

Mo Salah Virgil Van Dijk

Landing Pages

Design & Build

Concept work for branding landing pages for an online music store. Page layout is built with CSS grid with HTML content being inserted into Magento 1 CMS.

Landing Page Landing Page

Some of the other projects

I've been designing and building websites for close to twenty years. I've learnt a lot of my skills from doing side projects. Some serious but most just daft.

Murder She Wrote

Design & Build

As part of a training drive and wanting to learn CSS Grid, I decided to combine that with a real topic. And what better topic than the classice TV show Murder She Wrote.

.Net Design Challenge

Design & Build

In October, 2018, I was asked to take part in the .Net design challenge where I had to design a homepage for a fictional national park. As part of this, I decided to create the actual site for a CSS grid exercise.

Old School Designs

Design & Build

Decided to rebuild some old designs from 2010/11 before responsive was a thing. Was interesting to see how well the designs would hold up with modern CSS. No more image gradients!