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2018, the year that was

13th December 2018

The Good Old Days

28th November 2018

.Net and a design problem – Part 1

14th September 2018

The state of frontend development and where will it end

16th August 2018

40 year old developer

25th May 2018

A face lift

27th April 2018

Website Optimisation Tip : Typekit

30th May 2017

Me, Myself and Magento

18th July 2016

Talking helps

1st July 2016


19th May 2016

Changing the logo on Magento invoices

10th February 2016

2015 Year Review

31st December 2015

MageTitans 2015

9th November 2015

One giant leap for this developer

19th September 2015

Be more Frank

25th August 2015

It’s fun to learn

18th August 2015

18 days and counting

14th August 2015

Here’s to the clever people

21st July 2015

Let’s talk about workflow

14th July 2015

Pay dem bills and relax

8th July 2015

Better CSS with Sass

7th July 2015

UX’ers don’t kill websites, people do

10th June 2015

WordPress Security

4th June 2015

Getting fit with tech

30th May 2015

Weekly Roundup: May 25 – 29

29th May 2015

Removing spam from Google analytics and your website

23rd May 2015

Weekly roundup

22nd May 2015

My website deconstructed

21st May 2015

We’re all webcelebs

20th May 2015

Ignorance in the web

19th May 2015

The Net Awards

17th May 2015

Is your site mobile friendly?

5th May 2015

Fast and furious websites

24th April 2015

Prototyping – It’s pretty important

4th April 2015

So you want to design a responsive site

24th March 2015

Silent designer

23rd March 2015

Listening whilst I work

9th March 2015

Automation rekindled my love affair

14th February 2015

Photoshop and the world wide web

12th November 2014

I’m Dan and I’m not an expert

22nd October 2014

Make it memorable

15th October 2014

Pastures new

11th September 2014

Automation is killing my love affair

2nd September 2014

Conference equality

26th August 2014

My one bit of advice

30th July 2014

Play nice

20th July 2014

Not everyone is creative

7th July 2014

Self promotion

3rd July 2014

Trying to live longer

1st July 2014

Back in the game

20th June 2014

Work / Life Balance

10th June 2014

Ten years ago, I started a journey.

7th June 2014

Moaning old goat

29th May 2014

For the sake of everyone else, say why

24th May 2014

A day in the life: Shane Prendergast

21st May 2014

jQuery UK

17th May 2014

Treasure your colleagues

19th April 2014

Working smarter

29th March 2014

Responsive web design 50/50

23rd March 2014

Impostor syndrome

25th February 2014

Cheap as chips

17th February 2014

PSDs killed the web design star

14th February 2014


13th February 2014

Wireframing and Axure

11th February 2014

I’m not being ruled by tools anymore

8th February 2014


4th February 2014

Three weeks in – Site Maps

28th January 2014

The Social Web

27th January 2014

Milton Keynes Geek Night All Dayer Conference

26th January 2014

The difficult second week

17th January 2014

Don’t take things for granted

11th January 2014

First week in UX

10th January 2014

Waffling Welshman

5th January 2014

New Year, New Man

4th January 2014

That was the year that was

20th December 2013

Earn it

12th December 2013

Dan the UX man

3rd December 2013

Be inspired

24th November 2013

Are content management systems a waste of time?

20th November 2013

Learning the hard / easy / whatever way

15th November 2013


6th November 2013

Inbox Zero

5th November 2013

A bit late to the tablet party I guess

4th November 2013

Senior Front-Ender Wanted

31st October 2013

Communication is key

24th October 2013

Should I blog?

22nd October 2013

Work is hiring

21st October 2013

Not knowing something isn’t a sign of weakness

18th October 2013

85% of work we do is rubbish

12th October 2013


27th September 2013

All grown up

19th September 2013

Social media

10th July 2013

Stop, look and do something about it

8th July 2013

The Freelance Web

6th June 2013

12th May 2013

I Ask You Answer

7th May 2013

Responsive Design Weekly email

3rd May 2013

It’s a matter of workflow

26th April 2013

Page Speeds – Work In Progress

25th April 2013

Planning for the future

20th April 2013

Google Maps – Pin positioning tip

16th April 2013

A friend’s rebrand

16th April 2013

Adding an active class to a menu

6th April 2013

Email build tips you may not know

5th April 2013

You have a choice.

5th April 2013

We need to freshen it up

22nd March 2013

Jumping on the bandwagon

19th March 2013

Goodbye 320 and Up, Hello Rock Hammer

18th March 2013

Is feedback a thing of the past?

18th March 2013

I made a website

9th March 2013

Speaking achievement unlocked

4th March 2013

Beefcheeks* in Brighton

2nd March 2013

Browser led design or designing in the browser?

26th January 2013

New Adventures Conference 2013

25th January 2013

Twitter archive and looking back in time

19th January 2013

The week that was

18th January 2013

Facing my fears

14th January 2013

Unfinished Business

14th January 2013

ITV rebrand

14th January 2013

So this is 2013

1st January 2013

Mr Unsociable

6th December 2012

I know jQuery I do

12th November 2012

End of an era, the beginning of a new one

1st November 2012

Writing CSS the right way

28th October 2012

The thirty min routine that makes a massive difference

16th October 2012

Change of lifestyle urgently needed

11th October 2012

Change of scenary

30th September 2012

Bitten by the design bug again

29th September 2012

Myspace back with a bang

25th September 2012

It’s good to talk…isn’t it?

22nd September 2012

A week in web 17-21 Sep

22nd September 2012

I love my job

18th September 2012

Connecting Liverpool creatives

16th September 2012

A builder’s house is never finished

16th September 2012

Is it better to be honest and realistic?

8th September 2012

Lord of the mods rebrands

4th September 2012

New Adventures

1st September 2012

Dan is available

26th June 2012

A new hobby

22nd June 2012

Lorem ipsum

2nd May 2012


16th April 2012

Don’t be a div, use your devs

3rd April 2012

Health kick

24th March 2012

Oi Dan! How’s that plan going?

24th March 2012

Care in the community

25th January 2012

New Adventures 2012

20th January 2012

A plan of sorts

3rd January 2012

Year review

24th December 2011

A matter of courtesy

12th December 2011

Hide and show WordPress post categories

3rd December 2011

I ask, you answer

2nd December 2011

Freelance – Love / Hate

28th November 2011

Responsive BBC

21st November 2011

What? No portfolio?

19th November 2011

WordPress post excerpt on a static homepage?

18th November 2011

I ask, You answer

18th November 2011

New site, New year, New me

18th November 2011