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Dan Davies

Developer & Designer

Hey, I'm Dan, a web designer from North Wales. Essentially I make websites for money using various skills and techniques that I've learnt over the last 18 years or so.

I work hard and I want to say play hard but half the time, you will find me pottering about at home like a pensioner. I love the eighties, especially the music and over time have worked on some exciting projects for some equally exciting companies.

I write blog posts

Many years ago, I started a blog. I love writing but don't do enough of it. I find it helps me put the world to right in my head as well as learn a few new things. It has been an invaluable tool in my career.

Take me to your leader

18th May 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes

They said what!?

I asked Dan if I could be added to this. I sit next to him on the train. He does the CSS and I like how he does it. Dan is a good egg and deserves to work on good stuff. Save me a seat tomorrow. Don’t include that last bit.

Darren Williams

Dan wants to do what’s right - always. He doesn’t bullshit. He absolutely hates trains.

Paul Stevens

Dan presents the image of a grumpy old man but under that exterior and sarcastic humour is a heart of gold that would do anything for his friends and family and someone who is extremely passionate about his work and helping others learn.

Katherine Cory

Latest work

What I'm working on at the moment. Some of it might be a little rough around the edges. View all

Virtual Lollipop

Design & Build

A virtual lollipop for good behaviour

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Print to CSS 52

Design & Build

Converting Print designs to CSS. A design for every week of the year.

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Murder She Wrote

Design & Build

As part of a training drive and wanting to learn CSS Grid, I decided to combine that with a real topic. And what better topic than the classice TV show Murder She Wrote.

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