Hi, I’m Dan.
I make websites.

I've written this bit numerous times now. All I am trying to say is that I've been building websites for over 15 years. I work bloody hard, live in North Wales and have worked on some amazing projects for some amazing companies over the years.

dan davies dan davies

Skills & tools

I tend to build Magento or WordPress websites using HTML, jQuery, CSS (Sass or occasionally Less). I know my way around Photoshop pretty well, use Gulp and Git.

I'd be lying if I said I knew reactJS, Vue, Angular, Knockout but one day who knows. I'm also learning French

Stuff I've done

I've worked on some interesting projects both large and small over the years for various brands and organisations. Here's some to name a few. Like most people, a lot of the stuff I've done has changed beyond recongition since it was taken over.

Virgin Money, London Marathon,adidas, Lucozade, Waitrose, John Lewis, Aldi Recruitment, Holiday Inn, We Are Macmillan, The co-operative, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Recently, I've...

.Net Design Challenge

In October, I was asked to take part in the .Net design challenge where I had to design a homepage for a fictional national park. As part of this, I decided to create the actual site for a CSS grid exercise.

Murder She Wrote

As part of a training drive and wanting to learn CSS Grid, I decided to combine that with a real topic. And what better topic than the classice TV show Murder She Wrote.

Ecommerce Theme Design

I spend my days building eCommerce sites but have never designed one so I wanted to try my hand at it. This is work in progress but there is a homepage to see. You can catch it on dribbble here and here

Rebuild Challenge

A few years back, I used to build landing pages and microsites before responsive became a thing. I found some old designs and decided to rebuild for responsive. Lots of fun.


I work for Space48, an eCommerce agency in Manchester as a Frontend Developer.

Away from the daily grind

It's not all work work work. I'm a dad to 2 kids and an uncle to 3 more. I like to do other things aside from Web Design. If I'm not putting pixels in their place, I'm either watching football or cricket, listening to music or watching a film. I also attempt some graphic design.

People say I'm not a social person and they'd be right to be fair. I am a bit of a grump but I'm 40 so I think I've earnt the right to a moan.

Stuff I adore

  • Aston Martin – Car
  • Liverpool – Football teams
  • Alan Partridge – Character
  • Luther / Game Of Thrones – TV shows
  • James Bond / Star Wars – Films
  • Muse / ABBA / Goldfrapp – Musical artists
  • Tuna & Pasta – Food
  • Cornwall – Holiday
  • Ricky Gervais – Comedian

What people say about me

Dan wants to do what’s right - always. He doesn’t bullshit. He absolutely hates trains.

Paul Stevens

Dan presents the image of a grumpy old man but under that exterior and sarcastic humour is a heart of gold that would do anything for his friends and family and someone who is extremely passionate about his work and helping others learn

Katherine Cory

Dan is a dick. He’s a nice one, but he is a dick.

Jake Smith

Dan is ok to work with apparently. He’s probably more bearable than your current colleagues tbh.

Andy Bell

I asked Dan if I could be added to this. I sit next to him on the train. He does the CSS and I like how he does it. Dan is a good egg and deserves to work on good stuff. Save me a seat tomorrow. Don’t include that last bit.

Darren Williams


I do happen to be quite a social person online and you can find me usually on any of the many social networks out there if you look hard enough. Failing that, here's a few to start with.