Not sure how to describe 2020. For some it has been a horrific year, for others, challenging and for some, me included, life changing.

It’s a year ago this week that I started my new role as Interaction Designer. I started excited, a bit apprehensive but looking forward to starting a new role and realising a dream I have had for some time. I never thought though that I would spend most of my year at home in my lounge.

COVID has lets face it changed the world this year and possibly on in to the future. It’s destroyed families and business all over the world. We’ve had to adapt to new ways of living whilst we fight it. Everyone has been effected. Some were not able to work but many had to create home offices and juggle work and life between these four walls. Health wise, I am one of the lucky ones so far in that is hasn’t affected me or the family that much. My kids spent a lot of time out of school and recently went back. They rolled with the punches this year to deliver great reports as well being a great help for us when we needed it. Kids adapt really well but this is very hard to process. Words can’t explain how proud I am of my kids, especially this year.

My health took a battering this year at times but like I’ve said before in other posts, I’ve come out of it and fighting fit or at least better than I was. I feel fit now, a lot slimmer and embracing clean living. I think if lockdown hadn’t happened, I might not be in such good shape so I can’t complain.


It’s been a strange time for work. We’ve gone from being Manchester / Bath based to 100% remote. For me this is massive. Being able to work from home is something I have wanted for years. Living in Wales and travelling in to Manchester is not only expensive, it takes 4 hrs out of your day so now I get to do something else for 4 hours instead. Having that work life balance now is immense but the whole agency gets to experience it now and I really think there are very few who can say they don’t think it’s better.

It’s been a good year for the agency. We work in eCommerce which right now is booming for obvious reasons. We’ve launched sites, we have taken on new staff and are at the top of our game right now. Lockdown has been kind to us of course but in that time, we have helped businesses to trade online under difficult circumstances. I couldn’t be more prouder of this team this year. We have worked hard as a team to deliver results during times where the future was uncertain and moral might have been low and all remotely from our homes which for some was alien and sometimes difficult to do.

What stands out if the effort put in by all from top to bottom. We have team members who have been doing it for years but some months and it has been consistent across the board. As one of the senior members of the team now, seeing the youth grow into their roles gives me great pleasure. They should be really proud of how they have done this year.

Kieran, I know you will read this. You have been amazing over the last year. I know I say this a lot and it might sound like sarcasm but I am so so so proud of you. You proved a few people wrong that is for sure. Keep going and the world is your oyster.

Personally speaking

I have to be honest and say that 2020 has been good for me in that I’m fit and healthier but also in a role that I love and feel comfortable in.

I work in a great team and have someone leading me who believes in me both as a person and a designer and I owe her so much. Having someone to learn from and aspire to be like is something I have missed for so long. So thank you Holli. I am so glad you came to the business. The timing was uncanny.

It feels like after ten years or so of searching for that role that fulfils me, I have found it. I know a few people for years have said they think I don’t know what I want to actually do which I guess they were right about. Now I do.

To friends

To Jake, you have never not believed. Took you 7 or so years to understand the importance of pattern libraries but I’ll let you off. You really are a great friend, not just a colleague.

Also a shout out to Andy and Sue for this year. Meeting up for coffee when we could was a great help. Being able to share ideas and explore the work we do has been a great distraction but also a great learning experience. You backed me all the way and owe you a great deal for the support and advice. Just a shame I’ve been so busy to catchup recently.

And finally to you, you lot reading. I speak to a lot of people on social. Some more than others but you all played a part in making this year what it was. So thank you. I wish only the best for you over the coming weeks and 2021.