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Oi Dan! What do we do now?

Well I guess you need to go back to my homepage and see if you can find what you are after. Or you can email me and ask. In the meantime, here are some interesting facts about me.

  • I didn't write Jimmy Saville's biography, that was a different guy called Dan Davies.
  • I was on TV for 5 seconds when the BBC used footage of me looking up at the arrival board at Piccadily Station looking rather stupid. And here is the proof. Watch me come into shot like a pro.
  • If you get to know me, you'll hear a lot about my next door neighbours and how much I dislike them.
  • I walk on average 12,000 steps a day
  • I love 80s TV but I am a huge Murder She Wrote fan and own www.murdershewrote.co.uk
  • The rhino in my logo is dedicated to the fibreglass rhino that appeared in the office at my old job. I left and a week later, it was placed outside the room so I feel like I was replaced by a fibre glass rhino.