Well this is a bit awkward isn't it?

However all is not lost

Well, except the page you were looking for I guess. Ok, well either you have messed up or... never blame the user Dan, you know the rules.

Ok, well either I've deleted the page or you were given a wrong address to click.

Oi Dan! What do we do now?

Well I guess you need to go back to my homepage and see if you can find what you are after. Or you can email me and ask. However here are a few answers to questions I normally get asked.

  • No, I have not had an accident in the last 3 years despite what your database says
  • I was not mis-sold PPI
  • I didn't write Jimmy Saville's biography, that was a different guy
  • I've never worked for the BBC
  • and yes, it's real. Stop asking.