We all get that moment where we decide to redo our website. It may be 3 years since the last redesign or it could even be 3 months…some maybe even 3 weeks 😉

I decided to redo mine a few weeks back as I wanted to blog more and wanted the site to reflect that rather than it be a portfolio site which in my case is pretty hard to show what I’ve done as most the work I’ve done in the past 2 years cannot be attributed to me.

So now I’m a writer 🙂

The site is still work in progress as I got impatient with it just sat there in raw HTML templates so I decided to just whack it up and work through the night fixing shit. Well it’s morning, I’m tired and still a few things to fix but it doesn’t really matter. It was nice making stuff up on the spot and fits in with my designing in the browser technique that I seem to enjoy.

I started out with a PSD design but a lot of what you see was just “HTML riffing”

So if you see anything you think I should fix, let us know.