A few weeks back, I posted about Instagram and why I loved using it.

I still do, more than ever.

But I finally bought a camera. The Olympus SZ-31MR. It was featured on The Gadget Show and looked a good deal so I bought it there and then. Within 3 days I was driving all over the place taking photos. I genuinely thought it would die off and I’d be back to sitting in the flat staring at the internet but I’m happy to say that every day the camera is with me and I’m getting over the stage fright in front of strangers when whipping it out. I’m out most mornings, evenings and have driven most of North Wales.

I’m also starting to look at the science of it all. Shutter speeds, exposures, lenses and everything else. I’m still a beginner and with that, I’m looking to enroll in a course to help me push on.

I’ve not really had a hobby before apart from web design. I started out in IT support and did some web design as a bit of a change of an evening. It’s now my day job, so it’s refreshing to have something else to focus on.

I get frustrated when I can’t do what I want or the weather is wrong but its becoming a real passion. It’s given me something to do, and share which is good.

Anyway I’ve rambled enough

If interested or want to offer advice, I am on Instagram as danjdavies or on Flickr

Enjoy your day 🙂