A quick roundup of what I have seen this week on the web.

Big News

I launched the new site. Comments so far encouraging, even the spammers seem to like it so that’s good. Still fixing bits as I go.

My good friend Rachel Shillcock aka @missrachilli did her first speaking gig. Really happy for her as she is very passionate about her work and has recently gone freelance. So look out for her on the web speaking scene in the coming years.

The first ever Smashing Conference was held in Freiberg, Germany. Speakers included Brad Frost, Andy Clarke, Mark Boulton and many others.

Apple announced another new iPhone. Give it a few months and I’m sure all the bugs will be fixed ready for the S version 😉

Nice sites of the week are:

And finally

Bounty towels relaunched with an interesting new site design. Not really sure about this one. Bounty Towels redesign

Do you have any news that you want to see mentioned next week? Let me know, I’d be happy to share it with everyone.