I write this post on a the back of a successful week for myself. I say successful, to many others, it will be a normal week.

As you probably know, I’m not someone who is scared of saying how it is so I have no problem is being honest and open about the reasoning for this post. You may read it and think. Yawn. He’s writing about feelings and shit like that. Bore off Dan, bore off.

I wish I was writing about tech or code but tonight alas I’m not.

For a good few months, probably a good year I’ve hated my profession. I’ve really not enjoyed talking about the web, working with the web. I didn’t really care much for the people around me in the industry (sorry, not a personal thing). I decided late last year to look for an alternative career. I’ll not tell a lie, I’ve always wanted to work with the traffic police. Mainly to drive an undercover police car very quickly mind. But yeah, I looked at ditching it all together.

It was around Christmas, I got the chance to move into UX. I hoped this would straighten me out and get me involved again. Up until 4 weeks ago, I’d say that maybe I had some interest in the web again but to be honest, I didn’t.

It was around this time, we had a lull in the office and I had a chance to look at some training. I’ve always struggled with javascript so decided to pass the time, I’d give it another go. A last chance saloon if you please.

I got to watch and listen to a guy called Andrew Chalkley. A northerner in the USA teaching jQuery and such stuff. Something magical happened (ok not magical as such) and jQuery started to make a bit more sense. I then found myself wanting to try more. I can’t thank Treehouse and Andrew enough.

Anyway to cut what could be a long story short, I felt like I still had something to offer. I spoke with friends and colleagues including a reprobate named Shane. He like me had issues with javascript but recently he’d started to get to grips and some of the stuff he was doing was epic. You could say he inspired me. He’ll get a big head from that but I think he might have saved me as it really challenged me to push myself.

Anyway fast forward to today and I’ve just launched my first js project. It’s simple as anything and won’t change the world but it’s given me such a buzz, I feel like I can only go further.

I’ve been busy working on some personal projects, I’m enjoying the web again and feel stronger than I’ve ever been.

I know I’ll hit blockers along the way but I’m feeling pretty chipper right now. I know what I want now and how to go about getting it.

You can get the tissues out now 😉