I was tasked with redesigning the JParkers online store back in 2020 with Space48. It was going on to the Big Commerce platform. The brief was to try and keep true to the current design but improve the UX and UI where I could. The user base was mostly desktop users and of the older generation so a lot of thought was given to the colour and size of text but at the same time, the website was now having a lot more visitors on mobile from a younger age due to lockdown and people getting into gardening.

The designs were created using CSS, HTML and jQuery for interactions.

Some of the challenges were the many product variations we had to display on the listings pages and the third party apps such as Klevu and the Big Commerce Pagebuilder.

Something I wanted to do was really design a unique feel to the blog and utilise the power of CSS Grid and Big Commerce Pagebuilder widgets.

JParkers live site