Right, I’m going to sound an odd fucker here but I don’t sleep in a bed. I sleep on the sofa. Have done for 2 years now with the odd stay somewhere else.


The bed I have is awful, the bed I had when married was awful. Basically I can never get comfy, added to the fact something odd/supernatural happened the last time I slept in the bedroom here. I used to have headaches in the mornings and it wasn’t until I started sleeping on the sofa, the headaches stopped so win win eh.

Ok, so the legs are a little stiff in the mornings but to be honest, it’s comfy enough.

So why am I sharing this?

Well this weekend, I cleared the bedroom out and collapsed the bed. I made a seating area with bean bags and currently I’m sat here listening to Radio 2 chilling out playing Football Manager whilst sipping a tea.

So what I hear you cry?

It’s important I think to have changes of scenery when you spend a lot of time in one place. My flat is small, it has a lounge, a kitchen, a bathroom (biggest room of the lot) and a bedroom I never use. When I was freelance, I would work in the lounge on the sofa, I’d eat my dinner, tea at the sofa and I’d fall asleep on the sofa. It was like a prison to be honest.

Now I’m working full time, I get to work in an amazing office at what is simply a fantastic arena so coming home nowadays is like coming home but I’ve slipped into a routine of coming home and not moving so the idea of the bedroom change is simply just a change of scenery for a few hours. I can escape the TV and actually read and listen rather than stare at a box. Yes you can turn it off but when you are so used to surroudings, a change is, well just nice, different. Plus I’m paying for the bloody room so may as well use it.

Sleep in it? Not so sure but always time to sort that.

Sleep well