You’ll have to excuse this post. It’s more for me than you but I wanted to share with people who know me, have met me and who will meet me one day.

I’ve been married ten years to someone I met in school, someone I bought a house with and someone I had children with.

Sadly that ended a couple of years back and today I got announcement of my divorce.

For a long time I thought the separation was best for me and her as did she. She’s since found love again whilst I have, well thrown myself into my work and seeing the kids as much as I can.

So I sit here tonight, shocked, upset and reminiscing yet nothing has truly changed since we split.

How mad is that.

I wasn’t a great husband, I know that. I put work ahead of her a lot of the time and I was probably a bit of a twat to her. I never once thought I would be away from her though so today is I guess a line under a chapter I didnt see coming but did.

Good job I’m off to watch Bond tonight I guess.

Sorry for the soppy post. Totally out of the blue.