Something I have always struggled with in my adult life is my weight. Basically I eat all the wrong things and do naff all. Eating healthy to me was secondary to having fuel to function.

I’ve done diets before and exercised but nothing really kept me hooked. I did the Atkins diet and lost a load of weight soon to put it back on again.

A few weeks back, I was speaking to a mate about the “caveman diet”. I looked it up and read the food base. Looked ok but the recipes looked complicated and being in North Wales, I reckoned it would be hard to get the ingredients.

Now I’ve been ill for a good few months with various things and when I spoke to my mate again, he said flushing the system may be of benefit so I decided to give it a go.

I’m 2 weeks in now, ok so its not a massive amount of time and I’ll be honest, its hard to get motivated to make a meal but I feel like I am winning.

I’ve cut out bread, chocolate, pasta, potatoes, most of dairy and fizzy drinks. I’m drinking loads of water and now a treat is a cup of tea with 1 sugar.

Is it hard? I thought it would be but I am enjoying the salads and the veg. I find myself trying to invent new ideas and have been given some great ideas by people I know. I’ve picked the right time to do it too with summer just around the corner.

Already I am being told I’ve lost weight so that’s a good sign.

Have I fallen off the wagon? Yes of course, but not badly and I’ve been keen to rectify it.

Only downside is the cost. This country.