I ask, You answer

Last year, I started a small project doing web designer interviews. The idea was simple. I drew up a list of questions, I asked a few mates and stuck them on my blog.

A few weeks into doing it, I was getting some enquiries about doing an interview. Before I knew it, I had over 40. I decided to create a site dedicated to the interviews. www.iaskyouanswer.co.uk was born. I did originally have the .com but someone spotted the dribbble shot I had posted and bought the domain within minutes of me trying. I know who as well.

But anyway…

The site was designed, built and then I lost the job and marriage so I never really got it finished. I was gutted. A lot of people had taken the time to get involved and I let them down.

But a couple of weeks back, I decided to bring it back. New questions, a new look, its quite exciting. The site goes live very soon but we are certainly looking for more people. I’ve not got any limit.

So yeah…www.iaskyouanswer.co.uk