It’s all change for me in the coming months. After a fantastic offer by the agency and a lot of trust, I will be switching disciplines and working with the UX team. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’ve had a real interest in UX for a while now and chatting with the UX team here, I realised I understood a lot of the basics and my views on how things should be done matched theirs so it makes sense for me to move to that area or at least get involved more.

Isn’t it just wireframing?

I used to think so but just talking to the main UX chap here, I’ve come to realise it is so much more than that. I’ve been to numerous conferences in the last couple of years where people talk about wireframing, sketching, prototyping and that is just a small part of it so to answer the question. No, it’s not just wireframing.

What do I want to gain from it?

Well for starters, I want to be involved and make good things. I want to be someone who contributes early on and hopefully bring some front end skills to the UX workflow, responsive prototyping being my first thought.

So I guess I’ll always be a front end dev. I’m still keen to keep on top of the skills so JS is not going away. I’m just adding new skills that will make me an all round better dev.