I’ve always liked taking photos of things but never really had the tools to do it. Sure I had a camera phone but it was slow and clunky and I never really got what I was after. Then the kids came along and I started to focus on pictures of them as a subject. Boring yes I know but nice to keep for future.

The camera phone as progressed to the point where I had a decent one ( HTC Desire ) but I still wasn’t really getting many photos and more often than not, I was rushing to get a shot.

Last year, I started to see photos on the web created using an app called Instagram. I was impressed. I couldn’t wait to download it for the phone and then it hit me. Instagram wasn’t available on Android.


So the camera was put back in the box so to speak. Until last month when finally Instagram hit Android. And wow, I’ve come alive as has the camera phone.

Now many will say, “Look at Dan, thinks he’s a photographer now.”

That’s fine, I accept many will think Instagram is bad with its filters but I’ve been using it for fun and am enjoying getting out and taking photos. Some good, some bad, it’s trial and error. I’m still learning but I’ve really got the photography bug and could easily take it up as a hobby.

Finally an app that has changed my life.

Thanks Instagram

You can find me on Instagram under danjdavies or download the app here