Just a quick one.

I’ve finally got to using Git Hub and as of today, I’ve put my HTML framework / templates up for all to mock, suggest improvements and so on.

I’m doing this as a personal project but want to try and include a few people who might be able to help out. I also hope some people may download it to use in their projects. One can dream eh!

Anyway here is it Bandwagon

One thing… I know it’s not finished. It’s not the best code ever written and I may be using something wrong. All I ask is that you play nice. I’m pretty shy when it comes to sharing stuff as I know I’m not the best in the world and don’t pretend to be so. I do however perform better with confidence so don’t go shattering that within 5 minutes 🙂

This is in it’s early phase. It really isn’t complete.

Have I said it’s not finished?