I’m feeling generous today and wanted to share some advice I gave myself over a year ago.

If you are new to this web industry or not so new, question everything. Speak up and make sure your point is heard. Make sure you get all you need to do your job right. Information is power and details are very important no matter how trivial it might seem to some and if you don’t have all the details, get them. If you don’t agree with something, say so. It’s too easy to take things on the chin and let things slide but I feel it’s important we cover all angles. I sleep better at night knowing even if my advice wasn’t taken, I tried to make things right by my judgement.

Make mistakes. It’s fine to do so. We learn from them. Hold your hands up and say sorry.

I believe in what I do and what I think and even though people may roll their eyes and sigh when I open my mouth, I know that by saying something, I’ve done what is required of me.

Oh and invest in a good chair.