First off, Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a great holiday and are feeling up for the year ahead.

Just a quick post to talk about my new side project based around the topic that I picked up last year and that was print to CSS. I’m going to be designing and building layouts for every week of the year around magazine / book designs and hopefully getting others to join in and showing me their examples and mad skills. Some will probably say it’s been done now, move on but for me, I am finding out new techniques all the time for doing things I never thought we could do so for now, it’s here to stay. Sorry and all that.

As well as me starting a new side project, my good friend and inspiration Andy Clarke has also started a new project named 52 weeks of Inspired Design Decisions.

I’ll let him explain.

A weekly series of 52 website designs by Andy Clarke, influenced by the most inspiring art directors and graphic designers of the twentieth century. Learn about the background to each design, the techniques and technologies used to implement it, and how it might inspire more compelling, creative design for the web.

The revolution has started!