Around January, I said I had a plan in mind for 2012 and what I wanted to improve on as a front-end dev / web designer. We are now close to April so thought I would reflect on the last few months and how I have gone.

First off, (While I type this, my little girl is using a baby spoon to pick her nose) I have spent the good part of February and March in Manchester freelancing. It’s been amazing. I’d go as far to say it has shaped my future.

Up until January, I havent done many cities. London, Nottingham, a couple abroad but mainly I am a town boy and rarely venture out. My days were spent at home on the couch building websites so to suddenly be on a train at 6 every morning was a huge culture shock. I didnt know the city at all and being a Liverpool fan, the thought of travelling there didnt really appeal to me. How wrong I was.

I love the place.

I’ve made friends there, I know where to get a decent meal and where the sexy waitresses work. I have lunch with fellow devs and importantly have gained a confidence I never had before. I’d say I was bordering on being agrophobic but now I feel like I can do anything. Long may it continue.

Something I noticed recently when I had a couple of days at home was, whilst I did a bit of work, it was nice to be home and relax and I then realised that my home life and work life were just one entity and being away working meant I was able to split the two and so now when I am home, I tend to be relaxing.

Enough of that. What have I done with Javascript, WordPress and PHP?

I’ve been really getting into Javascript mainly thanks to the jobs I have been working on, same with WordPress. PHP I’ve yet to dig into properly. Still time though.

As always my blog post seems rushed but I tend to write better from the heart and in one take otherwise I’d never get it done.

How’s your year going?