Two weeks ago, I started a new role at Space 48 as Senior Front-end Developer. I’m so excited.

I love working in a team full of devs. You can bounce ideas off and learn a shed load of new things as well as hopefully teach a few too. So moving to Space just outside Warrington was a no brainer for me.

I wasn’t as my last place a long time but in that time, I really got to grips with WordPress and it’s ways and like any new role, there will be a new challenge for me in the new one. Magento.

No, not Ian McKellen in X-Men, Magento, the eCommerce platform.

Like everything in the web these days, there are things to learn so I’ll be getting down and dirty with Magento over the coming weeks so feel free to join in the ride whether it’s asking stuff or pointing me in the direction of some good information. I’ll be asking a lot of questions.