We’ve established in the past I’m probably a workaholic. I’ll never change. It’s part of my DNA I can’t shift. I take what I do very seriously. It matters and often at a personal cost.

Now not for one second am I bigging it up or saying I’m better because I’m really not but I wanted to talk about ownership. As part of what I do and go through as a supposed workaholic, I take ownership very importantly.

So what is ownership to me?

Well, it is covering all angles of a task you have been given and ensuring that the task gets done, sometimes going beyond the call of what your duty was. It’s also about being able to shout out if you need help rather than sit there waiting or being that person who responds to someone shouting for help. It’s about being involved and getting shit done. I guess assertive is a good word to use here. It’s about making decisions, not always the right ones but making decisions none the less.

It pains me when people don’t take ownership of things and I’ve seen it all over the last 10 years. Rather someone else pick up the pieces or drive the bus instead of taking the bull by the horns and being the one to sort it.

Of course, not everyone is like me and not everyone takes it as seriously maybe. I get that, and why should they if they don’t see fit. But wouldn’t the world be a better place if we just all got stuff done. How satisfying would it be to look back and say, I did that. I helped shape that thing.

Maybe I take it all a bit too seriously and those that don’t get a better deal. Maybe ownership is an illusion sold by many to make us work harder for little reward. Who can tell.

However, I like the way I work. It might have fucked people off from time to time but I’m trying to get stuff done.

Like moaning, once I stop owning, it’s probably time to give up.