I’m quite a stressful person. It’s fair to say, two years or so ago, it possibly may have been close to killing me.

I’ve been full time with the agency for over a year now and life is different to what it was when I was a freelancer. There are the usual differences with regards where and when I work, but the main difference is I have less stress in my life…which is good right?

One stress that doesn’t seem to go away however is money.

Whilst freelancing, I was forced to write off a huge amount of money owed to me. It was horrible. Not being able to pay bills, buy the kids stuff or even put petrol in the car at times whilst watching my savings fly out of the window. It put huge strain on my already failing marriage and indeed health.

I learnt a few lessons the hard way. Problem is, I’m still paying for these lessons. I have debts that I shouldn’t really have and still seem to be paying for other people’s mistakes as well as paying for the day to day life I lead.

Only today, my car is in for repair and a hefty bill has come back. So any savings I had have now gone and I’m left with a tight month.

Oh boo hoo Dan, boo hoo

And you’d be right to say that. We all have debts and things we have to pay for, this is why we work isn’t it and yes, I’ll be fine no doubt but I can’t help feel that if others hadn’t taken liberties with me a while back, I’d be in a better place now to deal with these extra expenses life throws at us.

For me now, I’ll have a few sleepless nights, worrying over how I’ll live, how I’ll afford anything ever again. I know I’ll be ok but it doesn’t stop the stress.

It’s at times like this, I wish I was more like my little lad. He’s sat there playing a game on my phone without a care in the world. Must be nice to live like that. Being an adult sucks.