I’m really bad at it. I’ve never really been good at talking about myself in a positive manner. I tend to let my actions speak for themselves. But in the world of social media, it’s very much a case of he who shouts loudest will always be heard.

I’m always conscious of advertising my stuff. I know it’s needed amongst the many voices all trying to be heard but nobody likes the hard push. How many plugs is just enough? Nobody wants to be that person who just talks about themselves either. I hate the idea that I could upset someone by promoting something. It is an invasion of ones virtual space to some degree I guess.

I’ve been going through old blog posts this evening, reading what I wrote back in the day. I’d love to reshare them but part of me thinks don’t do it mainly because it looks like I’m just bumping threads for bumping sake.

It’s not just my blog. I’m trying to engage with people more but I go through days where I wish I didn’t have social media accounts. It mostly feels like one big game where everyone wants to be loved. Amongst the interesting stuff, there seems to be a lot of noise of people talking for talking sake. Sharing stuff that means so very little and trying to be involved with every single scene. Maybe people feel under pressure to keep the momentum going. I know when my side project www.iaskyouanswer.co.uk started, it got some great feedback and traffic and then it started to die off. I didn’t know what to do. Do I keep tweeting about it? Will people tune out? In the end I just stopped.

I guess that’s the trick with self promotion. Knowing when to open your mouth and when to keep shut.

Maybe I’m just really rubbish at it.