Social media is boring me.

There I said it.

For a good while now, I’ve been questioning the amount of time I spend using social media to the point where I’ve tried limiting what I do. Of course, I still keep coming back.

I love talking to people, finding out what they are doing, getting to know new things but find that is happening a lot less these days. I used to speak to a load of different people but that has tailed off now where I get the impression people have stopped listening.

So is this a natural thing, have I changed, am I boring, who knows. Either way, I don’t feel I am getting much out of it now.

My focus has changed I guess. I wanted to do a load of things professionally but feel that they are not as important to me anymore. I wanted to do presentations and write articles but saw the world for what it is and I’m not sure I want to be part of that side of it.

There is also the damage it can do. It seems we’ve become a group of people that can say what we like without any real comeback. It’s a place where views can be expressed and people are exposed to those views. No harm in freedom of speech but this is a massive platform to be saying things without due care, almost a loss of responsibility if that makes sense.

But there is good in it too, let’s not forget that. I’ve met some fantastic people after getting to know them via social media and a lot of the skills and work I’ve acquired is down to that too, so it’s not all bad.

I think for me though, I’d rather concentrate on just doing my day job, learning new skills and enjoy life.