I’ve started doing something that you probably already do but for me it’s been a revelation.

I have been going over the code from the day before first thing in the morning, reviewing it and amending it, often condensing quite a bit.

“Newsflash Dan, we’re already doing it!”

Good for you.

I’ve found that I probably cut corners and get lazy with styles and markup so having a fresh, clean pair of eyes in the morn is helping me produce better code than if I didn’t do it. Obviously I check the work I am doing but tend to do it at the end, by which time, it’s a bigger task and things often go unnoticed.

“You shouldn’t be lazy to begin with Dan!”

Nope, you are bang on but as the day goes on, tiredness sets in, you get distracted and as a human, we make mistakes. Also, this isn’t about me creating nonsense work, it all still works and is acceptable, it’s just nice to strim once in a while.