So what happened this week?

A new podcast by Andy Clarke and Anna Debenham launched and around the same time everyone else announced they would be doing a podcast too. Some good ideas floating about.

The gender row continued. It’s all new to me in this industry I’ll be honest but reading up on comments made, it’s out there. Needs to stop right now. We should be employing people based on if they can do the fucking job. Personally I think it will improve over time as the dinosaurs die out.

The preparations for the New Adventures conference in Nottingham hit the final phase. A mad rush for places in the bowling, last minute deals on hotels. It promises to be a great conference and with it being the last (probably), it will go out with a bang. I’ll be there anyway.

ITV rebranded. Some like it, some don’t. I’m sure you’ve all seen it though.

Some nice sites for you to look at and also listen too…

Finally, a good mate relaunched his portfolio site. Ben Everard or @ilmv as we know him put the site live last night. He’s gone with a bold and colourful look. Good stuff Ben. I still owe him a pint too.

Oh one more thing. It’s snowing.

If I’ve missed anything of note, let me know and I’ll add it 🙂

Did I mention it was snowing?