An off topic post from me today.

I’m talking about fitness, diet and trying to see 60 onwards. Last year, I got the shock of my life when I was told I had high blood pressure and the operation I needed was to be cancelled until I sorted it. I won’t go into details to spare you the boredom of my ailments but I was shocked at how bad a state physically I was in. I also have two small kids and I’ve thought of what happens when I’m gone. I’d rather that was when I was 80 and not 50 so being around for them is a massive incentive. Even if they milk me dry of money so early on in their lives.

So I decided to go all out and get into shape.

And for 2 months, I did really well. I lost over a stone, got into running, it was looking good. And then Christmas came and went and it all went to shit. Whatever weight I lost went back on and my situation got worse. I started to feel old and well put it bluntly, a bit fucked.

Fast forward to the summer and everyone I knew was starting to get into the health craze. I decided to give it a go, a proper go. I feel like it’s my last chance to really change and make a dramatic change to my life and maybe get the things that trouble me sorted.

So I’ve installed My Fitness Pal for starters. I love to eat. I love all sorts of food and I love big portions.

That has stopped. I watch what I eat now down to the last calorie. Many say that counting calories is bad. Yeah maybe it is but it’s how I am happiest working. I am aiming to eat 1500 calories a day which at first doesn’t sound like much. It probably isn’t. The average male I’m told by google should be eating 2500 so I’m 1000 under. But I’m bigger than the average man.

Weight has been an issue most of my life. I was a fat kid. Lost it all when I started working in a warehouse and put it on when i got into web design. So for ten years, I’ve lived like a king in terms of food and done very little exercise to keep the love handles away. The heaviest I’ve been is 20 stone.

I started the new fitness regime at around 17.5 and as of last week, I am under 17 and into the 16s which for me is amazing. Still shy of my target of 15 but on the right track.

When I say 15 is my target, it’s my starting target. Get to 15 and then from there 13 and whatever after that is a bonus.

But eating bugger all alone won’t help Dan.

Yes, which is why I’ve started running again. I say running. It’s more plodding along on a treadmill (road running hurts my knee and feet). It’s been very frustrating. Others who started well after me are running 3-4 miles whereas I’m still at the 1-1.5 miles stage even with stops for walking (I must stress it’s more to do with the severely sore foot I get from running). I get quite down about the running. I know I won’t be running marathons anytime soon but feel like I’ve not progressed since i started. But really, looking at it, I have. I ran a mile this morning outside at 5am. I didn’t plan to. I just kind of happened when I woke up. I walked over a mile at lunch. It’s quick wins like that which allow me to build up the muscles and hopefully push the body to running more. I kind of enjoy it.

I’m also going to start playing football again. Again, it might not be amazing exercise stood in goal but it’s enough to burn a few calories.

All in all, the second time around at getting fit and healthy seems better. I’m better prepared for days when I feel the urge to eat rubbish (it’s happened twice in a month although the McDonalds I scoffed down was enough treats for a week (3500 calories) and I feel in better shape from not trying too hard.

Fingers crossed and I will lose more weight and fit into that summer dress before August 🙂