I’m sure you all know by now that Twitter have been giving access to users of all their tweets from day 1. Well this Saturday I got mine.

It’s pretty interesting reading to be fair. Some things I remember saying, some I have no recollection of. What is interesting for me is the topics I tweet on, the mood of the tweets and the people I was tweeting.

Over the past 4 years and 37,000 tweets, I’ve gone from working full time to being freelance to working full time again. I’ve also gone from being a husband owning a 4 bedroomed bastard house to a single father living in a 1 bed flat. It really has been a roller coaster.

I feel kinda sad that I don’t talk to some of the people I used to. What was clear was how unhappy I was working where I did at the time of joining. Some of the things I said…ha. Terrible. But the main thing I took from looking back was community, friendship and that is a big plus in a mad mad world.

Here’s a few anyway

My first night on twitter

My last day in the office before a weeks holiday

…and then a panic tweet when I realised it would be my last day

Of course it’s not all sentimental stuff, how could I not forget this train ride home

And finally one of my favourite tweets. Purely sentimental

To get your archive, if it’s available, go to Settings, Accounts and scroll to the bottom. There will be a big button to press. If it’s not there, don’t panic. They are still rolling it out.