Since launching the new site, I’ve had a few people question why there was no portfolio or links to work that I have done on the site. It is something I pondered for a while when doing the site. I planned to do something but felt it needed thinking through.

There are two phases to my career. The employed phase where a lot of my old work is no longer live and the freelancer phase which is also split into two phases. I’d say pretty much all my work nowadays is working on existing sites or working with someone else’s design, something which I think hinders a portfolio as majority of people want to see what it looks like rather than what makes it work.

Another hurdle I have faced is not having permission to show work. It’s frustrating knowing that you spent 3 months working on something and nobody will ever know. It’s not a big deal for me as such as the client is happy and hopefully I’ve been paid but if someone was to question what I have done for the year, it would be nice to have it there to say, “have a look at that.”

As for work on existing sites, I guess what I could do is write up exactly what I did with screenshots to explain.

What do other designers / developers do?