A while back, I ran a few interviews on workflow. I asked several people about how they go about doing what they do. The results were great. I got a lot from it and I understand that others did too.

Now, as I have recently moved into UX, my workflow has changed obviously but it got me thinking.

A. Have the people I asked originally changed their workflow?
B. Has anyone recently changed their workflow or want to talk about what they do now.


If you want to get involved, it is dead simple.

Answers these questions and I’ll stick you on the site. I don’t promise fame and fortune though. The email address to get me on is shout@dan-davies.co.uk

For those that originally got involved, I’d love to know if you have changed your opinions from your first effort.

Here’s the questions

Q1. Tell me about how you go about starting a web project (static or responsive). What steps do you go through to putting together a site? Do you wireframe? Go straight into Photoshop.

Q2. Have you had to make any drastic changes in how you work from a static site when going responsive?

Q3. How do you find selling RWD to a client? Do many buy into it?

Q4. What problems have you encountered with responsive web design and how have you gone about sorting it.

Q5. A lot of people are moving towards the idea of designing in the browser, is this something you think is beneficial or a waste of time?

Q6. Aside from a graphics program and a text editor, what tools do you have in your arsenal that people may not have heard of or considered using before?

Q7. Is there a tool you would like to see built that would help change the face of web development / design? (For example Edge Reflow from Adobe)