I recently treated myself to a Nexus 7, well it was my birthday after all.

I’m not really sure why I bought it. I’ve toyed with the idea of an iPad for ages now but something was stopping me. You’d think as a developer who works with responsive web design that it would be something in my test suite but I’ve always looked at it as expense I don’t really need as I can just resize the browser to see what is happening. I’d even borrowed a couple of tablets in the past and struggled to do anything with them. It just felt the wrong size.

So anyway, I treated myself and for a couple of days, it sat there. I’d look at twitter, Facebook even installed a few games and it was then I decided to redo my website but I said I would look at a tablet first design approach to see if I could fall in love with the tablet.

1 site launch later and I have to say I love the tablet. I loved designing on it, I loved reading on it, it just felt the right thing to be doing on it. I’m now looking at working with more touch gestures to give the website a better experience, something I would never have considered had I just resized the browser window.

Having spent time working with the Nexus, I have come to realise that there is a place for such a device. I’ve found myself using it more than I use my Mac and my phone.

I just wish I’d joined the party sooner.