It’s a common joke amongst those close to me that I like to change this site more often than my underwear. But anyway I’ve not posted in such a long time and thought I should say hello once again after the 55th redesign. It might be more or less than that. Who’s to say.

As part of the face lift, I started to read through my old blog posts with the aim to start writing again. I cringe when I read some back. Who is that guy full of hope and wonder, why did he hate jQuery and most dev tools so much.

It’s noticeable on some topics how my opinions have changed. Should developers have websites, should people do stuff outside of work, Gulp is shite. I guess we move with the times and adapt to our surroundings so things we thought as not for us soon become part of the day to day. That is part of the charm of the type of work we do. It’s still evolving and like fashion, things seem to go out and come back in before you sit down again.

When I first started out, iI never thought in my wildest dreams it would turn into what it has. Yet we still produce the same thing in reality. HTML, JS and CSS but the ways we get to that these days differ from studio to studio. There’s more choice, which can only be good for us.

But with choice comes opinions. Don’t use this, don’t do it like that. And for many, the pressure to keep up with the Joneses can be immense. I know people who are constantly learning outside of their job to stay on top. It’s simply not sustainable as more and more things come out.

As I reach 40, I look at what I know and wonder is it enough. It probably isn’t compared to the youth of today but where do you start? I don’t know reactJS or Vue.js. If I invest all my time into learning that, will something come along and take it’s place? More than likely.

I’m lucky in that I still enjoy what I do. I still get excited about seeing a finished product. And my hunger for learning is not the only thing that remains. My hunger to succeed is still there. I might have different goals these days but I still throw my heart and soul into what I do.

Doing so hasn’t always got me the desired result in my 15 or so years but I am a firm believer that if you give it your absolute best, eventually you get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It might not be immediate but it will come.