I wrote back in April about planning for the future and what I wanted to be doing in a few years time.

A few months on and I’ve had a taste of leading, being the go to guy and generally being more involved and I have to say I loved it. It gave me a chance to see the things you normally don’t see, how things get planned and help shape how the company goes forward. It answered many questions and helped ask a whole load more.

The most enjoyable part was having the chance to make a difference. We’ve recently started working with the kanban board system for projects and being able to shape how we worked was enjoyable, challenging but very rewarding. We’re still not there but I know we’re on the right track and it pleases me that I had a hand in it.

It’s also made me appreciate that sometimes, not knowing stuff can be a blessing too. It’s easy to get bogged down by things that go wrong so if you don’t know these things, it won’t bog you down, right?

What I take away from the stint is that whilst I enjoy what I do on a daily basis, I got a lot of enjoyment shaping something and setting a foundation. I learnt some new skills and became more focused on what I need to do going forward to achieve exactly what I want out of the remaining years I have.

I do want to try a few new things and want to grow the front-end skills but I now know that I want to be a leader of people.

I also have a massive ego and love telling people what to do but we’ll ignore that for now 🙂