Everyone must remember this guy right?


You don’t want to do it like that, you want to do it like this!

Well you would think that quote could have been said by most developers over the past ten years as we strive to find the best way of working and then telling people how awesome we are and that our way of working is best.

Even myself am guilty of it. I was so convinced that browser led design was the way forward and that anyone not adopting it were crazy. Over time I realised that actually, the process albeit really good only really worked when it was me working on stuff. Add others to the mix and it was really hard to keep the process working, often because others had their own way of working or because I was no longer in charge of certain tasks.

Over time though, I’ve talked to many people about this and I think we all had a common ground on how to work. Getting a website into code quicker really helps but maintaining the use of tools like Photoshop and sketching were vastly important and should not be ignored.

The best advice I can give really on this though is pretty simple advice and it’s something I work to now.

Do what is right for you and your project and fuck everyone else.

Be more Frank and do it your way.