Cole Henley has written a book on Sass for Five Simple Steps, called Better CSS with Sass.

Now I like Cole so decided to buy it because we’ve met a few times and we seem to get along. My Sass knowledge is pretty good but you never know what you might pick up so I paid the sum of £3 (the cost of a salad from Sainsbury’s) and downloaded it.

Like most things I download, it stayed unopened for a while but eventually I got around to opening it and started to read through, not really expecting to learn much more than what I already knew.

Well fuck you Cole. I feel thick now.

I thought I knew Sass pretty well but I’d say now I’m very much still in the amateur camp.

If and Else

Kill me now!

If you don’t know Sass…buy this book
If you work with Sass…buy this book. I expect you to learn something new.
If you know Sass really really well…buy this book anyway.

It’s a quick read with some great suggestions and ideas. Your Sass will improve ten fold.

The book is available now from Five Simple Steps for just £3.