Today, I was able to integrate Instagram and Twitter to my latest project. Ok, so not a massive deal you think but I only got it done thanks to some helpful people. People far more intelligent than I. Without these people, I probably would still be sat at my desk crying into my Nescafe.

These developers had spent time producing some code that worked with an API which meant that I didn’t have to spend too much time doing the same.

And all for free.

Because of them, my client will be able to interact with their user base.

Every day, we probably use somebody else’s code or product. It means we can do stuff we probably couldn’t do. I for one am extremely happy that someone out there is more cleverer than me.

We like to moan a lot, especially when things fuck up but we’re extremely lucky as a collective that people out there make these things to make our lives easier.

I raise a glass to you tonight as I managed to get something done I never thought I would.