It was 10.30pm last night. I was sat in the Chester services eating a Big Mac watching next week’s guests on Jeremy Kyle argue in the car park. I’d forgotten to get a straw and I had no clean clothes for tomorrow yet. I was tired and wanted to just lie down and sleep. I’d been in work for 14 hours. Oh and it was raining and some of the motorway was shut off.

So you would think a miserable time was had.

Far from it!

I’ve come to realise over the last few days that I love working with websites. Sure we get frustrating days and we hit brick walls when we don’t know what to do or something doesn’t work or someone makes a request that leaves you sitting there asking WTF?

But you know what? This industry is so fucking cool.

It’s still so new and exciting and we are right bang in the middle of it and I think at times we forget that. We all get wrapped up in the latest web scandal and who said what. Who cares? We’ve all got opinions on how it should go. We are lucky that we can shape the journey.