I’ve never really heard this much until just recently by two different people. I won’t name names but they are both freelancers I believe and two highly regarded people on social media circles. Also, two people I’ve met at least once.

From what I understand, impostor syndrome is a belief that said person is not as good as they think and that they don’t deserve to be where they are in the thing that they do.

Ok, first off, I get that, I get it a lot. I’m surrounded by people who are very very talented and stuff seems to be second nature to them whereas I feel I have to work at things to get the same result.

I think that is normal. It shows certainly for me that I am still learning my craft. Do I worry about it? More so when I was working solely in front end development as every day, someone was telling me to do it a different way or I was useless or that is how it came across.

But does it worry you Dan?

No, not really. It drives me on.

This is what I believe. The two people who suggest impostor syndrome are way off. They are getting work, people talk to them and value their input. They are paying their bills, they lead a life that many are quite jealous of.

Are they impostors?


I’m not someone who worships heroes. I don’t really have any idols or whatever. You can be top of your game or just starting out, as far as I care, you all offer something. There are good people and there are bad. I know these people are not bad people. I know I can ask for help and they will reply. I know I can walk over to them at a conference and say hello and get a reply back. I know I can send an email and get a cheery reply.

Are they imposters?

Fuck no!