Ok, so link bait alert, well sort of.

Been thinking of this a while now and have touched upon it a few times on Twitter but I wonder if giving feedback has become almost habit and meaning very little.

Let me explain a bit more as I know a few will pull me up on this.

We seem to live in a world now where you sum up positive feedback in one word. “Like”, “Awesome” or “Want!” It’s everywhere. We like on Facebook, we retweet things we like. You’ll get pretty much all three on Dribbble feedback. For me, we seem to have just become likers for liking sake.

Now this maybe not a bad thing. If you like something, you just like it. Personally I’d like to know why it’s liked and the same with something disliked.

It seems the only constructive feedback these days is negative or “room for improvement” kinds.

I’d even suggest that we who are being “liked” are becoming immune to positive feedback as it really holds no real value and we’re so used to just seeing likes totals

What do you think?

And don’t just say “like”