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We’ve all used the above in our designs. Easier than writing actual content isn’t it?

Recently I was handed some designs to code up. Majority of content in lorem ipsum. Fine I said, went away and built the templates. And then the client copy came back…

Now, nothing lines up, some boxes look empty whereas some look over populated with text. Basically the designs don’t work with the content provided.

A couple of years ago, maybe three now. I was involved with a major overhaul of a social networking site. Blogs, forums, videos the lot. We used lorem ipsum in the designs and when it came to importing live data, it looked awful. The nice blocks of text were no more. This prompted several redesigns and filler content being provided, normally in the shape of an advert or button. From that moment on, I’ve tried to make content look real if I don’t have copy. Saves any heartache and surprises.

Content is king and its time we all saw it as that.