Put the date in the diary, I’m coming to Colchester.

I am pleased, excited, over the moon to announce that I will be doing my first live web talk to the public on May 15th for Colchester Digital. An event that my good friend Dean Leigh has a hand in organising.

Dean and I were talking about something else when he asked me to talk about stuff that I had been doing and without giving it any real thought said yes. It was about 15 minutes later the realisation set in. I’ve never done it before and I’ll probably be really bad at it.

But new year, new me so I have convinced myself to do it and slowly but surely the nerves have settled enough for me to even think about what I will talk about.

The last time I spoke to an audience was back in 2013 to about 8 people in work about designing in the browser so this will be something different.

Quite excited now. Hope the audience will be.

If you fancy coming along to the event, you can get tickets now. I’ve heard good things about Colchester and the digital scene.

Now I have to get writing.