Not long got back from Nottingham and the New Adventures Web Conference which was put on by Simon Collison aka @colly.
This was really my first big web conference. It was a chance to a) listen to some inspiring speakers and b) finally get to say hello face to face with people I’ve got to know on Twitter over the last 2 years.

I started out writing a whole story about the days in Nottingham but gathered not many would read it, so instead…highlights.

Wednesday highlights

1. John and his exploding cans of Guinness.
2. The girl on the train with perhaps the shortest skirt ever ( my best moment).
3. Catching up again with old faces and meeting new ones at the curry. Nice to meet Rachilli finally. And she wasn’t wearing that god awful coat either. Tim Harbour, Jon Gold, Anthony Casey, Ginger Jamie from Newcastle/Leeds/Hull, Alex Sexton and Robert O ‘Rourke, Tom J Nowell and so many others.
4. Dylan trying to retrieve a bowling ball and falling on his arse as he slipped on the lane floor.

Thursday highlights

1. Talks by Dan Moll, Naomi Atkinson, Travis Scmeisser, Robbie Manson, Cameron Koczon, Trent Walton, Denise Jacobs and Frank Chimero. Best of which was Dan’s but they were all good. Some positives and great advice to take from all of them.
2. Seeing my old mate Jon from Blackpool and catching up with @malarkey (snazzy hat)
3. Meeting more people off Twitter – a few mentions. Ben aka @ilmv and Shane aka @shanegriffiths are two of the nicest people I got to meet. Jake Smith IS Justin Lee Collins and Cole Henley looks as cool in the flesh as he does his avatar. Others but only briely were David Roessli, James Greenwood, @Mr_Stezz, Denise Jacobs, Paul Annett and Jon Hicks ( I shook his hand but that counts as meeting to me. He won’t remember me mind.)
4. Free booze.

Friday highlights

1. Getting home to shit load of emails and no milk.

Sad that I didnt get to meet all my twitter contacts. Laura Kalbag, Zach “la” Inglis and Elliot Ross (and others I am sure I forgot), you managed to escape. Next time it is.

All in all, a great time was had. Would have been nice to have met newer faces but it’s hard I guess trying to keep up with so many people.

@colly.. same time next year please.