Today, a fellow twitterer Alex Jegtnes ‏aka @jegtnes tweeted this…

Taking the site design to the side for now, I think if you want to blog, you should no matter what the format is to display it. If the content is engaging and relevant, it matters not one jot if it’s in Comic Sans in yellow.

Quite recently, I decided to write again as I enjoyed it. A couple of guys at work have started to blog too. They are .Net devs and questioned as to why anyone would read what they had to say. I did too for a short while to be fair… Joking aside, I’m interested in what they are saying, they are passionate about what they write about which comes across in their writing. I might not understand everything but it’s engaging and leaves me wanting to ask questions.

So my advice to Alex is to write to your hearts content. There will be people who question how things look even if it’s designed by a “design guru” so don’t let that stop you. My golden rule is that I write for myself. Nobody listens to me normally but it doesn’t put me off having my say.