Web Celebs

It’s a phrase I hear a lot and once upon a time, I felt the same way like so many do now. There are web designers who are put on pedastals, I agree that it happens. Often though it’s not their choice. Some, yeah love the attention but that’s human nature right? Everyone loves praise.

Social media is fucking mental and plays a bit part in what goes on.

Like in any industry, there are people who excel at what they do, there are people who talk about it more but essentially they are still the same as you and me. Work to get, bills to pay.

Now I wrote a while back about the industry scene being stale and that we needed some new faces on the block. I’m bored of reading the same names in Netmag and Smashing Mag and would love to hear from lesser knowns on how they deal with stuff.

We’ve seen some new faces come through and with it some great podcasts were born but we still seem to be talking about web celebs.

Now isn’t a time to be fighting about that, it’s a time for you to make a difference if you feel one needs making.

I see it for what it is. Magazines are playing it safe, podcasts to a certain level but it’s the same anywhere. We either accept it or do something about it.

There has never been a better time to be noticed.

Do it.